CACI Synergy System


The NEW CACI Synergy System combines their two best selling systems, the Ultimate and Ultra and introduces pioneering S.P.E.D micro-current LED technology, a breakthrough new advancement in micro-current therapy.  For the first time on the market, skin care specialists will be able to harness the power of LED light therapy at the same time as using micro-current. The dual action of simultaneous LED light therapy and micro-current energy stimulates tissue regeneration and helps in the production of collagen.  The synergy of these two technologies provide more  visible and longer lasting results.

Courses available

CACI Synergy Classic (The original no Jowl Lift)  £55 .                                        Course 10 £500

CACI Synergy Signature treatment with S.P.E.D  £65                                          Course 10 £550

CACI Synergy Deluxe treatment with Jowl Lift & S.P.E.D  £75                        Course 10 £680

CACI Synergy Ultimate treatment with S.P.E.D £90                                             Course 10 £765

CACI Synergy Eye Revive £45                                                                                          Course 10 £380

CACI Synergy Jowl Lift with S.P.E.D £35                                                                     Course 10 £30

CACI Synergy Hydratone Facial  £30

CACI Synergy wrinkle revolution £25