Organic  Radiance Facials from Charlie Locks £62

Our Philosophy

Having spent nearly 40 years working with skin, our observations have led us to believe that the long held industry view of ‘skin types’ does not altogether identify with our personal experience of how the skin works and reacts to them.  It is our belief that skin type based products in practice don’t actually work.  More often they contribute to creating the very ‘type’ the product is chosen to alleviate.

Therefore we have eliminated skin types from our vocabulary and focus on the ingredients that enhance and benefit a variety of skin concerns and the environmental factors that each individual client is personally exposed to.  The results are a balanced well cared for skin with a beauty of its own regardless of age.  The skin is constantly changing and over its lifetime may well have experienced all of the so called skin types.  Skin needs to be treated within.

At the start of all our facial treatments we ask clients to smell our products to choose which they feel most drawn to.  Home care is available to continue your skin care journey at home.