Majority of our treatments are suitable for Male Clients so please feel free to book in.  However, these are a few of our more popular choices specially designed for our Gentlemen clients.

There are some precautions such as not shaving before a Peel etc.  We will be able to advise on pre and post care when confirming your appointment.

Facial Skin Treatments

Hydraderm CE Homme  £75

The star facial to perform a deep cleanse of the skin, hydrate and treat any lines and wrinkles.

CACI Synergy with Jowl Lift for Men £65

The Jowl lift was originally designed for Men, for the more powerful effects.  This is a complete treatment to include all areas of the face and neck.

CACI Gentlemen’s Facial £60

Using a combination of advanced technologies, this treatment is designed to specifically address male skin care concerns.  Deep cleansing and skin exfoliation techniques tackle razor bumps and in-growing hairs, electrical impulses tighten, firm and redefine the jawline.  The CACI Hydro Mask and LED light therapy are then used to hydrate, calm and smooth the skin, leaving your complexion refreshed revitalised and more youthful looking.

Environ electro-sonic treatments Facials – from £52

LED  Medical Grade Light Therapy £4

For the treatment of Acne or signs of Ageing.  

SkinPen Precision 150

The original FDA medical device for skin needling.

Waxing for Men – See general waxing for other areas

Chest or Back Wax 

Chest & Back Wax